About Us

We love cars, RC, and RC drifting! We see the fun others are having across the country with facilities popping up. There are some great options in LA and SD but, we feel that the Northern San Deigo and coastal region needs its own RC Drift home base, and we aim to be just that! Our vision and goal is to have our own dedicated retail facility, build a national class RC Drift Track, and become part of a national series building upon the likes of what Super-G and D.A.R.C are doing. The challenges are steep as space is not abundant in this area, and a great space comes at a significant financial cost. We have some great spaces and designs in mind that we hope to present in the near future to share our vision and inspire. Our journey has just begun and our road is unknown, but with some support, and if there is demand, we believe we will get there.
Wish us some luck! Come support and slide with us!